Shadow casting on android


I’m new in using JmonkeyEngine (I started few weeks ago). I could manage to build a scene with lights and objects which can cast shadows. This is running perfectly as a desktop application.
Unfortunately, when I’m running it on my android device, I get a crash.

Is there a way to get shadow casting running on android? Is it planned to have this feature running soon?

Thanks for your answer

What’s the crash? and what device do you have?

“I could manage to build a scene with lights and objects which can cast shadows” sounds like overkill already. I’ve definitely seen shadows before on an android game, but they were highly shitty with sharp edges, and the gameplay was simple enough to afford losing the FPS.

You should not have many lights in your scene, and shadowing techniques require post processing and are not going to work very well, if at all! Consider baking your lights and shadows into your textures, or using some other tricks (e. In Bus simulator (i think thats the game), it looks like they put a transparent quad under the bus to simulate dynamic shadows.

I believe this is a feature coming soon, but I wouldn’t wait for it, it will be more common in OpenGL ES 3.0 for sure

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Thanks for your answer. I do not plan to use shadow casting for the game itself, but only for the main screen which is a 3D real time animation. I share your point of view about shadow casting in the current android games: even the most advanced of them do not use shadow casting.

Now I have to think about implementing a quad technique for the main screen or let it as it is! :slight_smile: :wink: