Shadow Color -> Random idea

How about being able to set the color for a shadow (default black of course)?
I don’t know why it just crossed my mind, what do you think of it?
For example imagine a surreal scene where you throw white shadows on a dark ground or something…

It might as well just be a stupid, unnecessary idea of mine :slight_smile:

BTW: There are a lot of buttons without icon and functionality above the textarea + I can not deselect the “This is a support topic” checkbox

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It seams it’s not marked as a support topic, that’s fine.

To answer the idea, coloring shadows is a lot harder than it sounds.
Shadows modulate the output. Non shadowed areas are modulated with a white color, and shadowed with a black color (most of the time it’s a grey).
Making the shadows red for example would just end up with a “redish” scene, and shadowed areas would just be a darker red.

I guess it can be possible with some math tricks on the output color, but considering this use case is very uncommon, IMO it doesn’t worse the cost of cluttering the shadow code.

Okay, thanks anyway.

However its all open source, so feel free to do your own “coloured shadows” and release it as a plugin or whatever :slight_smile:

Yeah i din’t want to sound dismissive. it won’t get into the engine, but it’s definitely doable.
If you feel like modifying the post shadow pass, look for PostShadow.frag, postShadow15.frag.

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I’d like to, but I don’t think I have the required skills.
Anyway I’ll have a look…