Shadow not updating

when the model moves during animation, he kind of leaves the shadow shell because the shadow doesn’t update when animating all the time

Is this an md5 animation? I was experiencing the same thing and corrected it by adding an update call somewhere right after the new mesh position is calculated in the animation controller. I can't recall exactly what I did, I'll have to look it when I get home (about 1.5 hrs).

its an md3. yeah i figured i needed some type of update somewhere. not sure though

I might have put an updateGeometricState() call in. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

nope :[

its wierd too, because it works when the model is running i can see the shadow updating. only when hes standing there playing the idle animation it doesn't work.

apologies for the hijack but…

@nymon which md5 loader are using it was the one that is now on sourceforge have noticed any twitching in your animations

nightly build from a couple days ago

Heres my movement code. the setAnimation for running is called just right outside of the moveTowardsTarget

   public void moveTowardsTarget(float tpf)
      Vector3f currentPosNew = new Vector3f();
         distance += (( (distance) +10.0f)/(distanceVal))*tpf;

         currentPosNew.x = (oldPos.x*(1-distance)+target.x*distance);
         currentPosNew.z = (oldPos.z*(1-distance)+target.z*distance);
         currentPosNew.y = oldPos.y;

You don't lock by any chance do you?

Known bug. See;prev_next=prev

The animation controller should call setHasDirtyVertices when it manipulates verts directly.  That will let the shadow volumes know they need to update.

Yes! Thats what it was! Sorry I didn't get back to you on that, I left town for the weekend.

@mcbeth I'm using kman's loader, and no I havn't noticed any twitching