Shadow on models

Hello guys ,

According to this i have a great Shadow on models , but it’s a little too exagerated , how can i tweek it ?

I just used a simplelight with a mesh.xml model

maybe play with the ambient color of the material

Thanks for your fast answer

Ambient color is just tweeking the color of the shadows , i want to reduce the shadow numbers , how do i do that ?

the shadow numbers?.. i’m afraid I don’t follow you, what are you talking about?

As you can see on my screen , the arm has 3 layer of shadow , i want to tweek them to have only 1 layer like this :

Oh ok to tweak that you need to use a different color ramp texture.

Look how the toon.png texture looks like, you’ll understand why you have 3 levels and their repartition.

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Problem solved , thank you !