Shadow problem

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I’m new in this forum, I’ve discovered only one week ago this engine and I tried to do something with it.

I’ve a problem with shadow mapping: shadow’s quality on the edge isn’t good. Look at the picture:

It’s all right or it’s a problem of my videocard?

My videocard is Mobility Radeon HD4560 1 GB ram onboard.


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That's the BasicShadowProcessor

Read that post

I'm currently working on a PSSM Shadow processor as Momoko_fan suggested.

I've come to some results, i'll post them this evening

By the way to achieve better results with this shader you can reduce the camera frustum far, especially if you are in an indoor terrain

cam.setFrustumFar(100) for example, the default value is 1000.

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Another question. Some examples works on my notebook, other samples work on my desktop, some samples don't work at all… There a log file or similars to known what's the problem?



Well…there is a log console in JMP or in eclipse depending on which you're using that displays any exception thrown by the application.

JME3 is in development process so it's not completely stable. It can fail depending of the hardware.

But any way you should have a stack trace in the log console if something went wrong.

it also depends on the graficcard, and on the opengl features (wich version) that are used in the examples, on my pc every example runs fine, on my netbook a few, and only with jogl^^