Shadow renderer draws on top

Hi there !

I want to test the shadow renderer (I can’t get the filter working well with lighting and particles) and I encounter an issue : the shadow map seems to be drawn on the top of all geometries (it’s a top down view) :

As you can see, the shadow is rendered on the ship, while shadows themselves are not touching.

My geometries are all drawn in the default bucket (no transparent spatials). ShadowRenderer is added only once, on the unique view port.

Another issue is about cone and point light : how to make the surfaces lit the same when they are shadowed or not? Look at this picture : my ship cast a cone light on the wall but the result is much more brighter on the unshadowed face, which seems unnatural. I think it’s the intended result, but is there a way to avoid that?

Did you turn off depth write on your planes by any chance?

that’s a limitation of the shadow renderer right now

Nope, I haven’t any getAdditionalRenderState call on the spatials (terrain and planes)

I noticed that the plane is covered with the ground shadow PLUS its normal shadow (look at the shadow on the wing).

Is it normal to have the same effect with the shadow filter? If yes, is there a trick or a best practice to avoid that effect to be so visible?

a screen of the same scene with shadow filter :

For your first issue, do you have post processing effects? (the FilterPostProcessor)
Because the ShadowRenderer needs to be added before the FilterPostProcessor.

Ok that’s certainly that, because I have two filters, and the renderer added later. I will do things differently. Thanks !