Shadow rendering - bachelor thesis

Hi guys,

i am currently working on my bachelor thesis. Its about a rendering shadows. Ive done a test in JOGL where
i implemented shadow maps. [
But now i have to move on and take it seriously. I need to rewrite my test project
so i was thinking that i will do it in JME (because i love jme). I know there are some ways how to do shadow in JME
already, but i have to write it by myself.

So my question is, do you guys think its a good idea to make it in JME? Because i am at the begginning of the project
and also i am a begginer and there is just so many ways how to make shadows. I mean, are there any problems with doing
shadows in JME? Can i use shaders programs in the same way i did in jogl?

ps.: Is there anyone who is willing to give me some advice once a while please?:slight_smile:
ps2.: ill be happy for any recommendations.