Shadow stop working (pssm)

I tried using pssm shadows today but it doesn’t work.

It looks like the same issue that existed before the transparent material shadow support was added. The shadowed areas on the grass quads move around and flicker, as if they are drawn in a counter-clockwise circle (looks pretty weird), but it’s exactly how things used to look before transparent materials were able to recieve shadows.

I’m using the exact same settings like before btw. Tried adding/removing the alpha threshold etc, but that has no effect. Not using MS or any post processing filters.

I use copies of the pssm shadow shaders used by Lighting.j3md. Just validated mine against the ones in latest nightly tho, and they’re the same. This I assume means the shadow shaders has not been changed.

Very weird.

It changed some time ago.

Also this change brought more issues than it solved, @thetoucher had a hard time to make shadows work in the Maker’s Tale, and you might be the next one…

This on top of the fact that i was not aware that AlphaFalloff was deprecated in ogl3.1…i’m seriously considering reverting this change…


Ok thx. Good to hear its not just me then.

I knew about that change tho, and that you changed to use the render state “alphatest fallof” instead of the alphathreshold uniform that was previously used (among other things). In the current shaders (that I use as well) there is no alpha test uniform, so I have updated them since that breaking change, and I’m pretty sure it has been working before.

Just wanted to know if someone knew what’s up.

oh you mean it’s something else :frowning:

the transparent shadow testcase works in the repo, any chance you have a test case?

No I’ll figure it out. Just probin’. :smiley:

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hehe cool :wink:

Let me know if you need help :wink:

@androlo said:
No I'll figure it out. Just probin'. :D