Shadowmap not affected by dynamic lights

I just added the building from the bendswap game contest with a lightmap (not baked to diffuse, but seperate) to a scene.
Then added a PointLight and the PointLight only affects those areas that are not in the dark (lightmap shadows stay dark when they should usually become lighter).

I plan to implement my own graphics system (a complete set of materials, matdefs and shaders), so these problems will be gone when I’m done with this.

Like said in the blendswap arcade thread: seperate uv coords didn’t work either, so maybe I can fix this together with this problem described above.

I just need a way to exclude certain Spatials (those with lightmaps) from the main lights (e.g. sun, moon, static street lamps).

A short hint would help, and I promise to share any success to the community.

RootNode ____ LitObjNode <<< (Attach lights here only effects models in this node or children of this node)
|____ UnlitObjNode <<< Models with shadowmap go here

Hm the problem is: They must be lit! Just not by the sun, but by other lights.

Can I assign one light to two different Nodes? Than I could do this:

[java]LitObjNode.attachLight( sun );
LitObjNode.attachLight( torch );
LitObjNode.attachLight( ambient);

UnlitObjNode.attachLight( torch );
UnlitObjNode.attachLight( ambient );[/java]

But I guess that this is not possible. Did not look into the jME code lines yet, but I guess it is a tree of Spatials, not allowing diamond-relations.
Will maybe try it out later…

You can attach lights to as many nodes as you want. Lights are not spatials so there is no diamond problem.

Okay, nice. So then I only need to fix the shaders and materials definitions.

Since I found all the shaders and material definitions, the task seems to be in reach. Maybe even for my current project, but surely for the next.

I wondered how those nice GUI thingies for material definition in the SDK work - are they procedurally generated for each .j3md material definition at runtime?

Is there a recommended tool for GLSL development? I was used to develop GLSL with text editor and a C++ console output, but that’s stone age (or bronze age). :wink: