Shadows and multiple lights

I wanted to have a SpotLight as a ‘torch’ that casted shadows, but also have a bunch of static lights elsewhere that did not cast shadows. This hasn’t worked for me as the shadows I assume are drawn after the lights, so the ‘torch’ shadows get drawn over the other lights.

Am I right in thinking I cannot do what I said above? Is this the thing about deferred rendering that might be in for 3.1 in the distant future?

Also, does anyone know why my SpotLightShadowRenderer renders a shadow behind itself? It’s a large oval shaped shadow behind the spotlight itself, this is actually more of a concern for me than the above… I’ll take a screenshot in the morning if it’s not clear what I mean

  1. can’t be done right now, but could be done without deferred rendering.
  2. is kind of a bug, could you post your screenshot?
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torch = new SpotLight();
torch.setSpotInnerAngle(20f * FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD);
torch.setSpotOuterAngle(50f * FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD);

Is this something I can do anything about, or will it be fixed at some point?

edit: I’m gonna post this in the graphics troubleshooting section

It should be fixed now


Awesome, is there a way I can get it, or will it be in the next release or something?

I was about to say nightly but it seems it’s broken again…

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btw nightly is back up so you can give it a try

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Thats perfect, thanks nehon

Note however that nightly is prone to break and get incompatible with your code without notice. Maybe you should indeed wait for the next stable update if you are currently working on a project.