Shadows and transparency questions


for my game I have the following questions, where I could not find a solution:

  1. Is it possible to configure the shadow rendering so that the shadow of a certain geometry has a lower intensity?
  2. A rotating rotor is modelled as a half transparent geometry. When this geometry casts a shadow, then the shadow is also visible from the wrong side. Can this be avoided?

Thank you for your help.

  1. no, shadow intensity is general.
  2. yes you have to set a value for AlphaDiscardThreshold on the material of the geometry. this is the alpha value threshold of the color of a pixel where it will be discarded (like 0.1 for example)

Thanks, but this does not help:

  1. Since the shadow is darker then the rotor itself, using the threshold causes that the rotor gets unvisible and the shadow is still visible.
  2. Further I do not see how this could help, that the shadow is only visible from the side pointing to the sun and the shadow caster.

Any other idea?

Thank you.

Well…either you don’t get what I told you, either you didn’t explain you issue correctly.
But either way what make you loose my support is the vote down.
I have no time to loose
Good luck with your issue.


sorry I appreciate your help very much. What did I do? When I clicked on the thumbs down button …sorry, this was the not my intention at all. I appreciate the work of the developers and their support very much.