Shadows causing black screen 10-20 minutes into gameplay? [only in VR]

After getting shadows to work in VR, things seemed great! … and they are, for about 10-20 minutes. For some reason, after an inconsistent amount of time, the screen goes black. Completely black. Disabling the shadow filter fixes the problem, but returning the filter makes things go black again. The game (in this case, 5089) operates normally… just something breaks in the filter. Not sure what or why it’d only manifest itself after a lengthy period of time. Here are people talking about it in the Steam forum:

Any possible ideas? :confused:

I wonder if it also would do it in non-VR. Can’t say as I’ve run any of my shadow-using programs for 20 minutes yet.

I don’t think it is happening in non-VR… if it was, I’d be getting a ton of complaints about it on Steam. Only VR players seem to be reporting it. That means it might be related to VR instancing, or something in the filter shader… but the changes are rather minor in the shader.

Well, it would definitely be related to “whatever is different” between the two ways of running. At least logically.

Maybe some cruft accumulates until it can’t anymore… run out of handles or something.

I’m sure it is related to whatever is different… I’ll be looking into it. Just wondering if you (or anyone) has seen the screen go black any reason or have an inclination on what could cause it. If not, thank you for at least replying :smile: