Shadows in AbstractGame

I'm trying to implement Shadows in a class that extends AbstractGame and since stencilBits (as well as potentially other variables) are set explicitly in BaseSimpleGame it makes it extremely difficult to figure out how to use Shadows because the TestShadowPass relies on built-in features of BaseSimpleGame that I don't have.  If I don't get some good news before tomorrow night I'll end up going back through and stripping what I need out of those various classes, but please let me know if there is an easier way to do this.


Not quite sure I understand your problem…

You have to set up your displaysystem to set up your card, so if you are going to extend AbstractGame you're going to need to do it yourself. So, yes, you are going to have to call setMinDepthBits, setMinStencilBits, .setMinAlphaBits, setMinSamples.

My bad, I thought there was more to it than that…I revoke my frustration. :-p