Shadows not working


I tried to add shadows to my game. I set up the shadow filter exactely like the examples, but with the following code in front of it:[java]rootNode.setShadowMode(ShadowMode.CastAndReceive);

viewPort.clearProcessors();[/java]This is the result with PSSMShadowRenderer: a glitchy black line that moves with the player and that follows the shape of the terrain:

And this is the result when using BasicShadowRenderer: The entire scene is darker and there’s a sphere with inverted normals around the orgin. This also ruins the textures using alphaTestFaloff, by making the entire polygons, and not just the drawn parts, darker.

The entire scene uses the unmodified lightning material.

EDIT: BasicShadowRenderer seems to mess with the text of nifty gui in some cases:

Usually that window looks the same than in the previous screenshot.