Thanks to everyone for their help getting my shadow renderer working! :smiley:

I promised a few screenshots so here they are:

Shadow volumes rendered to the display. There are two lights: a point light casts the green volumes (splaying outwards) while a directional light casts the red volumes.

Rendered against a white backdrop to show the effect

Blended with the textures

Showing a box at rest on a cliff edge.

This is MikeT -^ not me. One of the “rogue” posts I was talking about.

So, it wasn’t me who did these great shadows. :slight_smile:


This is fantastic and looks pretty real. Will you be adding this to the engine at some point?



This is fantastic and looks pretty real. Will you be adding this to the engine at some point?


Yes, shadows are planned for 0.10. You can see: to get a good idea what is planned and when.

great, let me know when its ready for testing.


Looks really beautiful!! I want to see them too! :wink:

Let’s wait for 0.10! :smiley:

I saw this article on gamedev recently and its quite interesting…

Maybe you can take that into account when you are creating shadows for 0.10.



is there any chance of getting a pre-release of this shadow code from MikeT at all?



bumpty bump:-)

I'm interested in this one as well.  Is there anything in CVS for this currently?  I've poked around some and haven't found anything, but perhaps I'm looking for shadows in all the wrong places. :o


No it's not in. However, I did just track down the code for it. It was held back do to there not being a solid multipass implementation in jME. MikeT had to hack one of his own. Our plan was to get multipass and shadows in for 0.10. (cough that was before 0.9 ended up taking 8 months).

I got the code (which you are free to see if you want it, just let me know), and we'll get shadows in for 0.10. (btw, now that Renanse and I are working again, we hope to get 0.9 out before too much longer)

Depending on the complexity I might be able to try hack some code into jME for shadows if you've got most of it ready to be put in place.  I wouldn't know where to begin, but it looks like most of the work is already done, so sure I'm interested. :wink:

I definitely would like to get shadows in my game.  I think it just adds a LOT to the realism of the game.


Sent you the code, play with it all you want. It's a bit out of date.

Thanks mojo, I'll take a look at it this afternoon and see if I can make heads or tails of it and get back to you.