Shall I use 3.0 stable or 3.1 beta?

Hello guys,

a few days ago I downloaded jME 3.1 beta and I really like it, because of the huge performance optimization etc. But sometimes I have weird problems, which I didn’t have in 3.0. The thing is I want to start a new project soon and I am thinking about which release I should use for this. What would you recommend, should I stay for first or should I learn how to use jME 3.1? Will it be easy to port the project to 3.1 after a stable version has been released? (Might be a question to the core devs.)

Thank you in advance!

Use 3.1

You have huge improvements for the model importer, you would profit from automatic updates of the sdk, you have less work planning 3.1 compability directly.

What problems do you have? Might be bugs we could fix. And: Sometimes 3.1 is less faulty tolerant (multiple fpps in one viewport), but this prevents you from doing things wrong.

Currently iOS might be 3.0 only (Since I can’t compile Avian for some reason).
Plus: There’s not really much which changed. Application is now called LegacyApplication. You use interpolateLocal for Colors, done.

Okay, so I should start using 3.1 then?
Why I was thinking about this, was that “so many” people seem to have (new) problems when using 3.1, but correct me if I am wrong, please.

Good Question. Most people have problems because they do things wrong. This has nothing to do with 3.1
Did you experience such problems?

And then: Even when you have 3.1 related problems, you can easily switch to 3.0 (you only need to re-setup the libraries in the sdk)

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Definitly 3.1 for a new project that would be more future proof beside all the benefits.

Alright guys, you convinced me :slight_smile:
If it does make more sense to use 3.1 of course I will use it then.
It is just grat to have such a great community which can help everywhere! :kissing_heart:

If you plan to get out your game to the public in the next few months, maybe stick to 3.0. It guaranteed to not introduce any breaking changes. If you just want to play around or start with a project that isn’t due to be released any time soon 3.1 should be good to use, plus you can give feedback on issues and changes.

3.1 is beta… and would probably have been released by now except we can’t upload releases. No more breaking changes from 3.1. We are in feature freeze.

What can you do about it now?

Same thing as you.

Well … Nothing then :joy:

I will think about it and decide what I will use. You know, this time I don’t want to make a test application like I usually do, I rather want to release a real game.

The point is that 3.1 is close to ready. You should use it.

Despite any fears purported about future breaking changes, there shouldn’t be any more as we are in feature freeze. 3.1 is in the glide path. The home stretch.

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I think I will use 3.1 then. I will overcome this time until it’s fully released.

Alright, thank you all for your support!

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Pfff… lol.