Shared nodes - what to lock?

i'm using lots if shared nodes. should i lock the node they share, or lock the shared nodes themselves? does it make a difference?

Depends on which locks you are setting.  Locking meshes on a shared node w/ shared meshes (or directly on a shared mesh) will call lockMeshes on the target.  Locking transforms and such will lock for the shared node itself.

i'm doing it for static geometry in my map and wanted to avoid creating display lists for every node in case they share their mesh. the geometry is as static as it can be, so i lock everything.

i switched off logging. it took hours (ok…10 minutes…) to generate my map with all the console output.

Ok, well as it stands now, if you lock every sharednode, you'll get a display list for each target only.  (And you'll get a bunch of warnings about it already being locked.)