SharedMesh and QuadTree

I am right now playing around with optimisation of my data.

Implemented a QuadTree. The leafs of the QuadTree hold references to the nodes.

After running through the QuadTree I have a list of nodes that should be rendered.

Rendering happens through calling the draw() method on the individual nodes.

To this point everything is working fine.

As I am playing around with about 16000 boxes right now I figured it would be best to try to see how QuadTree and SharedMeshes play along.

I replaced the individual boxes with SharedMeshes and that's where the problems start.

Rendering the nodes directly, without QuadTree, qorks perfect. Switching to the QuadTree only one box appears.

I checked, the draw method gets called on each node but they don't appear on the screen.

Is it actually possible to do it the way I want to do it?

Sorry, too stupid to take a look at the translation.