SharedMesh pollution?

In our application, we're using SharedNode to implement a protoype-instance mechansim, i.e. we load a 'prototype' scene-graph, and the user can place copies (or instances) of it into the scene.

Fairly straight-forward, and a good use of SharedNode/Mesh one would have thought.  However we're getting an odd problem and can't work out whether it's something to do with JME itself or something we're doing wrong:

At some point the local translation of one of the instances gets copied into the protoype, and all subsequent instances are therefore incorrectly positioned.  After adding some tracing / debug watches it appears to happen when the app does picking, specifically in SharedMesh.findTrianglePick().  i.e. Unless we're missing something, invoking picking modifies the local translation/scale/rotation of the target of a SharedMesh - is this right?

What's going on?

Any suggestions / thoughts appreciated, cheers.

Cheers for the quick response, looks likely that this patch will sort my problem.