SharedNode lighting confusion

i'm having issues with lighting involving shared nodes…

my scenegraph looks like the following


  • node1
  • sharenode

      - nodeA
  • node2 (rotated and translated)
  • sharenode

      - nodeA

    i have a spotlight which tracks the camera location but my nodes are lighting oddly…

    the following screen shot shows that the lighting is not being applied to the next adjoining section…

    everything is set up very simply just using attachChild, and i’ve checked and the mesh normals are all correct…

    is there any specific issues relating to lighting and shared nodes??


I am also having trouble with SharedNode’s.  It could be lighting, but it seems more like a Material problem.

Here you can see on the right, the model of the man with two objects attached.

A cylinder on his hand, and another on his head.

Then on the left (in the HUD) there are SharedNode’s pointing to the same 2 objects, but they don’t have any MaterialState color showing.

The Quad and objects on the left are part of a separate tree/RenderPass with a separate Camera, but

the objects are children of the Quad behind them (which has color), so there is definitely lighting/material states within their tree branch.

I put a non-SharedNode (new Quad) as a child in the same position, and it had color as well.

I also tried putting the very same SharedNode’s into the first (right) node tree, and they work fine.  So it must be a difference between the two trees, but also only affecting SharedNode’s, some how.

Any ideas?

I have some new info here.

I have turned on face culling in the HUD, so now only Front faces are visible.  And interestingly enough, the faces seem to be inverted.

Here is a picture, where you can see that the material in fact still functions correctly on the “Front” faces, but the SharedNode->SharedMesh->SharedBatch thinks is drawing all the faces inverted.

I’ve looked into SharedBatch, but I think this problem has to do with states being dirty some how.  Evident by the fact that these same SharedNode’s work fine when they are rendered by the non-Parallel camera.

Sorry, no ideas offhand.  :frowning: