Hi there!

We just felt like sharing the outcome of our JME gaming project with the JME community.

The game is called “Sheeplifter” and was created to participate in the Nordic Game Jam 2009 “bring from home track”. We worked hard to complete the game in time. Unfortunately it did not take home any prizes - however we had fun during the creation process and learned a lot. :slight_smile:

A youtube video can be found here:

…or the game can be downloaded here:

Hope you enjoy it.


Quality  :smiley:

It's funny and looks quite polished (some parts very polished). Really nice considering such a limited time frame.

The scale of things looks a bit weird as do the surroundings - procedurally generated I guess and understandable.

Would've gone for a more lush terrain though!

Looks very very cool! Thx for sharing…

Cool stuff! It doesn't say in your credits who made the terrain. Shall I presume you made it with an in-house terrain editor then?

Thanks a lot for sharing your work open source!

Sadly it seems not to be opensource! Just freeware! But nevertheless it is nice! Good work! I played it and it feels quite good from look and feel and handling…


Thanks a lot for your positive response posts! :slight_smile:


I completely agree with you on the lack of lushness in the terrain. However, the coloring of the ground, sky and surroundings are all purposefully chosen. We just wanted to add enough grass to make it feasible for the sheep to survive on the island. :wink: Unfortunately adding more grass geometry impacted the framerate significantly. And since we wanted the average frame rate to stabilise around 60 FPS on the demo-machine, we had to go for less vegetation.


The terrain is procedurally generated as suggested by Alric. Procedural generation in general was a qualifying rule of the contest. We build our own stuff on top of the nice terrain framework which is provided by JME.


The idea of releasing the source code has turned in our minds. We haven't really touched the project since early February, and if we end up not going back to the project we might as well just release the source for interested souls to have a peek and play around with it.


This looks very interesting. I can see how it could grow into a funny-themed engaging game… I very much like what I see now, and even if you don't continue developing you have thumbs up from me  ;). Hope you release the code!

looks very nice. what about adding additional items which can be lifted (like bales of straw or plants) by "mistake"? and make the sheeps run away :slight_smile: and about dropping stuff… what about adding some creatures which chase the sheep (which can be eliminated/stunned by dropping stuff on them?

eh… better keep my mouth shut  :smiley:

<3 assets! The terrain code might also come very in real handy. Thanks a bunch for the contribution, best of luck with your next projects! (I hope many of them will be jME-powered just like this one, he he)

If anyone is still interested: The game is now open source.

Cool, thanks a lot for contributing to the OS community. And with assets included!  XD