SHIELD (Android)... A New Controller

SHIELD is a Controller and a special console.

OMG! :smiley: It’s a $299 price tag, but it is an Android Console. edit: they’ve dropped it to 199, I believe.

I love the interlink, and we are in a prime position to jump our games straight to it, aren’t we?

Game On…

Hi all,

I jumped off of Dwarf Fortess and saw that SHIELD doesn’t just cover the name of the Controller Anymore… It’s going to be it’s own Console, as well.

So, looks like NVIDIA is jumping into the Console Market along with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. And guess what… jMonkeyEngine will be able to make games for it. … Awesomesauce! :heart_eyes:

Part 1: The Setup or “Preamble”

Part2: The Console’s look → Start of General Medias

Part3: General Medias → Processing Specification → SHIELD Controller Linkage

and of course, their tablet/controller combo that came out last year…

and a quick demo of the original Shield Controller: