Shininess and other effects

I am a bit unsure about how to use material definitions on some of my models. What I need to know is how would I make my 3D model colored as well as be shiney at the same time. Would I make multiple materials and apply both of them to a single object? I just need my model to appear solid-colored and shiney.

EDIT: I applied both my normal map and diffuse map to the model and added shininess of 5f, but the model really doesnt look it has any shine to it or bumpiness. Any way to make the bumpiness more visible and more shiney too?

specular map might help

I added a specular map but that didnt do anything at all. Does the light source have to be directly above the model in the scene? Because the model follows the camera and I have both a directional lighting and ambient lighting -.-

make sure that the material definition you use for your model is one of the ‘lighting’ matdefs.

e.g Common/MatDefs/Light/Lighting.j3md

… which also allows the use of different methods of shading. for example you could:

use minnaert diffuse instead of the default lambert,

use ward specular instead of the default phong,

or use VTangent to activate shading along the tangent, instead of the normal (Requires tangent data to be available on the model.)

also worth noting, i believe i read somewhere that the float value for shininess goes from 0.0f to 128.0f so a value of 5 may not have a very profound effect.

lasty, and im not sure about this, but i dont think directional lighting will play nice together with ambient lighting,

taken from the wiki:

A DirectionalLight has no position, only a direction. It is considered "infinitely" far away and sends out parallel beams of light. It can cast shadows.

An AmbientLight influences the brightness of the whole scene globally. It has no direction and no location, and does not cast any shadow.

hope that helps some.

I got the diffuse and specular maps working a few days ago, I just forgot to post that, because I was busy with other effects. The problem was that the model and the texture don’t match each other. The texture wasn’t made for that particular model, so the maps didn’t even match. I did add directional lighting for a nice sun shine and the gun is silver, so it is literally glistening in the light, which is what I wanted. Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it.