Ships With Cannons (beta)

Hi guys,

great news. Ships With Cannons reaches a new status today. From now on we are in beta. The game is playable but far from done.

Nevertheless I think it’s time to share my result up to now with you.

Also I’m very excited 'cause this is my first game published ever. I’m sure there will be many problems but what the hell, that’s game development.^^°

You can download it from here:

Have fun :slight_smile:


I’ve uploaded a new version today (01.09.2011). It contains several bug-fixes and some improvements.


New version available (07.09.2011). the performance is improved by 50-60%.


rhaaaa you know how to tease dude :wink:

Hi guys,

I’m close to the beta-release but I got stuck in three little issues.

  1. I have this little animation problem (mentioned here: ). For my test environment this isn’t really a problem because I’m loading the blend-files directly but in the beta-release I only want j3o-files.

  2. Licensing terragen. It’s a little bit tricky to license this product If you don’t have a credit card and there are no alternatives. Tomorrow I’m going to try the last possible way: sigh asking mom if I can use hers -.-

  3. Currently my job eats my spare time for lunch so I don’t have much time for ships with cannons. The only thing I can tell you is:

    be patience pirates. I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

For the terrain part, couldn’t you just use TerraMonkey for beta? I’m guessing terrain won’t be something you actually make contact with in your game, hence you just need some really good looking mountainous shapes in the horizon, for which Terragen might be the best fit, but I don’t see why it’s a deal breaker for the initial beta.

@erlend_sh: I’m using terragen for generating the sky. I searched a while but couldn’t find a good alternative. Do you know one?

Haven’t looked around for skyboxes myself before I’m afraid. Did a little digging around the forum and two discussions that might be of interest to you though:

Finally beta-release. See the first post. :slight_smile:


Cool, congrats and all the best for this project!

Hi i downloaded the game, it opens, but when i run it i just see a black screen with an awesome cursor. Windows 7 32 bit.

excellent, congrats on the milestone! Looking forward to giving it a try when I get home :slight_smile:

FYI - it starts but won’t run properly ( I get the fancy cursor on a black screen … same as @wezrule) on this POS old Dell box I have here (Win XP - ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO), but that is to be expected, this machine can’t run anything :wink:

@wezrule and @thetoucher: This could be the advanced-water-effect 'cause I have similar effects on my notebook. I will implemented an option that you can change the water-effect to a simpler one (which is also faster) on game start. But you are right. The HD 2400 is to slow to run it smoothly no matter which water-effect is used…

Can’t wait to try it!! congrats

No luck on this machine either :/, same issue. Linux-x86_64 - nVidia GTX 470.


@thetoucher: ah, damn. A beginner error. The apps searches for a localized label-file and all my test-cases were done on machines with a german localization. So i didn’t notized that I have only a ^^°

thanks for the log-file. That is really helpfull. I’ll fix that today.

mhhhh same on my machine :cry:

Okay, fixed version is available.

Also the player-profiles can now be saved and if you have problems with the display on slower machines you can try editing the settings-properties-file. just change the water-attribute from “ADVANCED_WATER” to “SIMPLE_WATER”.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Keep going!

If only there was a webstart, I could test from school… :wink:


The game looks amazing and is pretty fun to play. I think I found two bugs though.

  1. When you look up the sky turns black
  2. After playing one game it wont let my play another without restarting the application. (maybe this is just my machine or something, Ill try it again sometime)

    Keep up the amazing work :smiley:

Yay!!! got my own fleet with my flag!!!

Amazing dude!! :wink:

nehon said:
Yay!!! got my own fleet with my flag!!!!
Amazing dude!! ;)

hehehe.^^ I think it would be cool to load up own banners.

@aianta: yay, the second one is new to me. I'll look for what's going on there.