Shooter, still have no name

this is a beta.
the game build a fractal terrain (with terrainQuad) and saves tiles in a folder
it uses skyFactory,WaterEffect,Shadows, sound
enemies fires and follow the target (you) and try to destroy your ship

you can try the game:



watch it (old version)


Video’s not bad but i can’t try the game as there’s not linux download :neutral_face:

now there is! :wink:

I tried linux release and it has really low FPS,always freezing when you die :\

Juniper PRO [Radeon HD 5750] with MESA drivers,other jMonkey games runs on fixed 60 fps.

Anyway,i didn’t understand how the game works,can you make a gameplay guide?

I will made a Guide soon

the game not freezes, just press Space bar to begin

do you use xorg or xfglrx driver on linux?

I try and old ati 5670 and works faster than ati 260x with xorg !

with xfglrx runs better but i have other issues with other games , ex; tuxCarRacer , speed dreams don’t work

Yes i use open source drivers.