Shooting game examples

hey … anyone knw where can i get examples on shooting part? basically wana take a look on how to do the part where bullet show up from the weapon … or any hints pleasE?  :expressionless:

did you look into jmetest.TutorialGuide.HelloIntersection ?

The BulletMover controller is a good start.

yesh!!! thankz … urmmm … sorry coz i have another question … how can i get the direction of the model that i have loaded in … the character that fire the bullet …  :// 



This should give you the +ve z direction of the player. Go through some of the examples in the Hello tutorials and the flagrush tutorial as well as check the examples bundled with jME in jmetest folder

cool! … thankz man … i can see the bullet coming out from the right direction … hmmmm … one last question k …haha …how to make it shift to higher position as in to match the weapon of my character … setlocaltranslation ? doesnt seem to work  ://

hey … no need leh… i think i got it!!! hahaha …  XD

you might want to check out "Wolkenstein 3d" :slight_smile:

1 search on this forum (or google too I think) is sufficient