Shooting Stars - Test Version

Hey guys,

at the moment I’m working on a little school project and since it’s using the engine I thought i could just share it with you :slight_smile:
It’s done in a small group (2 programmer + 1 writer for documentation and stuff). Unfortunately the time limit of 80 hours prevented us from doing a lot of stuff (for example designing a proper ui…).
Shooting Stars is something like a “first-person - music - arcade - shooter” (inspired by audio-surf) [even if we called it “music”-shooter it’s way more fun to play videos ;-)].
The gameplay is really self descriptive, you just need to shoot the stars to get points.

We would really be glad to get some feedback (or bug reports) since we decided to finish it as soon as the presentation is done.

Shooting Stars 1
Shooting Stars 2
Shooting Stars 3

Windows x64 (including jre and vlc natives)
Windows x86 (including jre and vlc natives)

Linux & Mac:
There isn’t a packet since we don’t need it but i know there are a lot of people here using it. You can download the following and create a symlink named “vlc” in the lib folder, targeting a vlc installation (the folder which contains the libvlccore). Because they are natives they need to fit the jre (x64 vlc --> x64 jre).

Known Bugs:

  • there is a hell of a workaround to get the filechooser work in fullscreen mode…
  • date/time isn’t correct in the highscore
  • if you select a file which does not contain audio or video data, the loading screen most of the time ends in an infinit loop
  • stars are loosing worth even if the game is paused

Darth Affe

PS: As always it’s quite hard for me to write readable english sentences. If there is something not understandable please let me know.


The screenshots look nice :slight_smile: Good job.

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Just did a round with The Script - Hall of Fame

very fun :D, good job

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: