[SHOPPING ADVICE] Gamepad controller with cross-platform support?

I need to buy a gamepad for development/testing, and was thinking about the Logitech F310, since it also has a switch for choosing between DirectInput and XInput.
I want it to play nicely with Windows, Linux and OSX. Any advices (or possible pitfalls)? Previous experiences?

Hm, I tested many devices, but not under Linux. Now I’m really curious to turn TestJoystick.java into an executable and run it under my two Linux installs. :chimpanzee_smile:

Sadly, I don’t have MacOS yet, but I wanted to buy a cheap Macbook to test under OSX as well.

I will also be posting a request in this forum later this day, because I want to ask the dev crew if we could fix the joystick library binding prior to declaring jME 3.1 stable. There are two things in particular that need to be fixed. So stay tuned… :chimpanzee_wink:

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Xbox controller (the old generation cheap ones are fine),

Works out of box with most games, if a game has controller support, it will support xbox controller first, as it is currently kinda the defacto standart.
(Buy the cabled one, just a plain usb device, no driver bullshit and no battery you forgot to charge)

Tested it, but it’s weird under jME and the force feedback doesn’t work under jME.
I’ve tested a cabled XBox 360 gamepad (original from Microsoft).
More info in this thread: Looking for a decent gamepad with DirectInput support
EDIT: apart from that, the quality of this gamepad is very good and Empire is right that this is the standard device for XBox and Windows games.

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