Should I add my level loader code to the Wiki as a tutorial?

Would there be any interest in me adding my basic level loader code to the Wiki when it's done? I realise the editor (can't remember the name) probably has it's own loader. I just thought this might suit beginners as a means of learning JME and understanding how level loading COULD work. Obviously my way isn't necessarily the best! The code isn't complete and there are some design quirks, simply because it's using one of the game frameworks when the design is more suited to using my own framework when it's written. If that makes sense! The code would obviously be under a liberal license, though I would always welcome suggestions and comments (and Wiki changes).


As long as the code on it's own can be used… in other words: if it compiles without errors and it does what you intend it to. Then sure, post it or put it in the wiki.

there are extra sections u should look what fits most for u

code snippet or writing an article.

everything what's written down can help others.

those with lower grades can learn how you solved problems and those with higher maybe get some idea they needed.

Who knows ?!?

So everyone should be welcome to participate on that while doing needful things with jme in my opinion

*Hope to read from u soon *