Should I install jBullet before installing jbullet-jme?


Im like the worste when it comes to installing stuff…

So I tried to install jbullet-jme…

I added the jars i found in jbullet, and thats it…

It was only like 5 of them so im guessing I should install jbullet too by adding all of jbullets jars into same libary riight?

Oh and Im installing jbulletjme cause I need better physics than jmephysics for the game im doing now

Somehow I have the feeling that your multiple post-floods(equal to a denail of service-attack) caused the servercrash…just guessing :smiley:

To your question: jbullet is included as jar (see jbullet.jar ) no need to install from scratch. Any problems? Did

you try SimplePhysicsTest?

Good luck for your game!

EDIT: I saw a first shot and it's quite nice!

Thanks :slight_smile:

And yea, I tried it but it says PhysicsSpace cannot be resolved

when I try to import it :frowning:

Yays! I got it working :smiley: