Should I use mirroring?

I have this model I’m working on in blender that is totally symmetric and I’m more than tempted to use mirroring… aka delete half of it and add a mirror, in order to divide by two the texture requirements.

Couple questions:

  • are there bad side effects, even if I apply the mirror before right-clicking the blend file to make it a j3o? Think I read that the pbr might be adversely affected?
  • does the blender to j3o support non-applied mirrors? Might be a stoupid question ^^.

Not talking animated model here, although I’d be interested in knowing if there’s consequences there too?

Thx :slight_smile:

I used the mirror modifier for all my models, not had any problems. Also it made animating it in blender easier. Dunno about pbr. I doubt it supports not applied.

Thx for your answer :smile:.

Mirror it is then!