Show model info


I'm looking for a solution to show some informations that belongs to a specific model.

For better understanding, this example may help:

When you see a football game (PC), there's always the name of the players below (or sometimes above) the different players.

Is there any opportunity to realize such behaviour with jME?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Billboardnode with a text attached to it, attached to the player,

Alternativly, convert position to 2d, and display a text there in ohrtogonal mode.

There are some Billboard Label in the user code section:

You can place AngelCode BitmapFonts in 3d space as well. Just take a look at TestBitmapFont in the jme 2 test package

Thanks. The Billboard Label is exactly what I was looking for  :wink:

Now there is a new question:

  • Is it possible to scale the size of these labels automatically?

      If the camera is zooming out, I'd like to have the font-size getting larger so that the labels are still readable.