"Show unread posts since last visit" is not showing unread posts

the bahavior is similar to http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/forum/index.php?topic=8591.0 “I can go to the main board and the category monkeys are all colored with new postings and I have to go through all of them to find all the post that just disappeared.”

Funny enough, the “Show new replies to your posts” link is woking nicely  :expressionless:

only with me its permanent behavior since about a week or two i guess. its the same on ubuntu 9.04 and windows XP, both with Firefox.

Anyone else having this problem?



Have you tried pressing 'mark all messages read' to sort of get a fresh start?

yes it works for the day after i mark the messages read. next workday the problem starts anew. the cookie settings are that the cookies are deleted after they become invalid. in 5 years in this case.

same behaviour here…

the problem seems to be gone at my end. did someone fix it or is it some kind of magic  :wink:

i think its magic :slight_smile: