Showcase @ Twitter

Twitter functionality is currently down. A fix should soon be applied.

We are launching a new feature for the jME forum as part of boosting jME's publicity along with its valued community members. Trusted members will be assigned to a special user-group that allows them to publish any post in the Showcase board to Twitter.

How it works

If granted permission, you can click on 'Additional Options' just below your textbox, and you will see two new options:

  • 'Post to Twitter'

  • 'Minimal Tweet'

If you select 'Post to Twitter' only:
- Mod will grab all the text in the Subject (title)
- Mod will grab the two first lines of your post (main box)

It is recommended that in the first line, you type a link, and in the second you type some tags related to your showcase, e.g. #jme2, #icearena. Now, the mod will make a link to your post, use your subject as the tweet content, make your second url into a, and insert your tags last. Remember not to exceed the 140 character limit!

No twitter account is necessary! You will be posting through jME's twitter account, so you won't have to create one if you don't want to. If you do have an account though, you are encouraged to follow jME on twitter.

If you select 'Minimal Tweet':
The two first lines will not be used, so you don't have to worry about the mod picking up the first lines of your post.

Getting Access

For now, just ask me for it by pm.

P.S. Everything will be quickly updated once we upgrade to SMF 2.0

Very, very, very cool!