Showing at GDC

We got an early alpha showing in Sun’s booth this year, based on jME offcourse. Chris Melissinos writes about it in his blog:

i guess i won’t have to tell you the clip doesnt do it justice :wink:

hopefully we can send you all a playable version soon…

wow, the clips look quite cool already! :smiley:

Well, I'll say this, the Red Team's goalie SUCKS!  :wink:

Looks awesome - congrats!

Very nice. :slight_smile:

Cool! Good job!

Very nice  :smiley:

chirstius said:

Well, I'll say this, the Red Team's goalie SUCKS!  ;)

No way! Did you see all those off-sides passes the blue team had? They're cheaters!

very nice.

i have the feeling this will be a good year for jme  :wink:

Awesome, more great games done in jME!

Congrats, Mr. Coder and Jadestone.

wow cool  :slight_smile:

Impressive! Nothing like seeing a jME project get finished. This gives me motivation to finish my own stuff. Great work!

Nothing like seeing a jME project get finished.

thanks! (though, it's not finished, but more like a tech demo, so it's gonna get more months put into it)

Spent a little time at the Sun booth yesterday and saw several people stop to take a look at the jMonkeyEngine kiosk that was running your demo.  People were generally impressed and wanted to know more about jME.  Kudos.  :)  (I also showed it off a little bit for a taping of Chris M's Level Up show.)

that sounds wonderful :slight_smile:

Renanse, hope you had a good time at the GDC!

Where can we watch/listen to the interview you did on Level Up!.

Is it one of his video interviews he has on the website?

i can't find anything like that either…maybe he cut it out :frowning:

Yeah, I dunno.  It would make a lot of sense to cut the Java games stuff from the java vblog. 

exactly hehe :slight_smile:

fwiw, there’s a pic of Chris M. and me in front of the jME kiosk at GDC on my blog.  No word on level up.