Significance of a couple CVS directories

There’s a couple CVS directories that are confusing me. Theres:



They both seem to be entire directory hierarchies, but totally empty of files, both before and after building. Is there any significance to these branches? Has the latter been replaced by /jme/src/com/… (where all the source files appear to actually be)?

Yep, it’s just one of many empty directories signifying the mess CVS has become. You might notice older threads talking about getting Sun to clean it up for us and the pain that has been.

renanse, why dont you bring down a copy of it locally, back it up, delete everthing, and commit everthing back. I know that it is a pain, and I know that it will take time which you dont have. At least everthing will go into an Attic Folder? Or is that not the way things go?

you cannot delete folders from cvs unless you have local access to the machine.

You need to check out with -p option I think, which means “prune empty directories”. That’s the only way to “ignore” no longer needed directories in CVS. They are still maintained on the server, since you still can check out older versions, where they weren’t empty…

"" wrote:
... since you still can check out older versions, where they weren't empty...

Ah, that makes sense.

Just starting to learn this code layout, and the multiple really big directory structures were really blowing my mind 8-O hehe

I’d like to get us space on another machine for our cvs repository… either that or maybe drive up to where the cvs server is now and bust a few heads until they type a few basic commands to help us out with this. :slight_smile:

If it is about changing the server, you might as well think of changing the versioning system itself and give subversion a try; at least it can handle empty directories, moved directories and moved files.

CVS handles much of that too, it’s just a matter of them not giving us cvs admin access.