Signing APK

Can someone please tell me how to sign my apk files to work on an android phone. I know its something to do with keystore etc but cant seem to find a guide i can follow. i get so far and then it becomes a bit convoluted. Is there an easy way of creating and managing keys etc and signing the files?

When you have a mobile project in the “important files” section you have and “Android Properties” file.
there are 2 entries in this file :

You’ll be prompted when building to enter the password (twice). It will generate a signed apk in the dist folder of your project


Nehon, many thanks that works a dream and seems so simple compared to what I have tried from other posts. Glad to know this forum has people in the know. Here’s looking forward the a JME happy future.



Would it be a good idea to add this info to the Android Support wiki (

True, done.

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