Signing jme3 Applets Quesiton

Hey guys, I’ve been playing around with jme3 these last couple months but I’m running into a bottleneck when it comes time to deploying my applet.

I have made my own mini-game for Ludum Dare 20 (a 48-hour game programming competition) which is located at

However the problem is that since the security certificate built into the jMonkeyPlatform expired back in 2010, all browsers who try to run my game are giving the users various warnings related to the untrustworthy nature of the certificate and in about 60% of the cases not starting it altogether. I wanted to know if anyone ran into similar problems when developing their apps and if so if you were able to find any workarounds.

So far the only guaranteed-to-work option I have found is to just buy a certificate from either Verisign or Thawte but the cheapest I have been able to find so far runs for somewhere around $100. Also has anyone added a policy file to your app? If so did it make the app run in more browsers?

I’d love to know of everyones experiences regarding this since this seems to be a common problem.

The LWJGL project provides an applet download bundle, its jars are presigned with a proper certificate, if your project doesn’t require any access outside the sandbox then you can just use those jars with your projects unsigned jars.

I assume you’re using alpha3? The issue with the certificate was fixed back in January:

EDIT: Cool game by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! Yes I am, I’ll update the IDE and copy the source into a new project, thank you Momoko! And faust, I’ve looked on but I can’t find the project you are talking about, which category is it under? Thanks alot you guys, you saved me alot of headaches :smiley:

calot said:
I've looked on but I can't find the project you are talking about, which category is it under?

Its on the LWJGL download page, as the applet bundle, but in any case you shouldn't need it now as pointed out by Momoko_Fan as its now fixed in jME.