Hi !!!

Every time i try to load an example of a scene (e.g. TestSceneLoading or TestSceneWater) the application has a strange behaviour.

The example starts but after few seconds (random) it crashes reporting an SIGSEGV error.

Can someone help me to understand (and maybe solve) this strange behaviour ? ( this problem happens only with this type of examples.)

Thank you


Ask your driver manufacturer to fix their drivers. Or install new, more reliable ones

Thank you Momoko_Fan for your fast answer, i’ve tried your solution but nothing changes.

I run the example with Ubuntu and the latest Catalyst driver for my graphic card (in windows all works) and java crash only when I try to execute a program that use SkyFactory …

Any other hint or workaround ??

I’m programming a very simple car game but till now i’m not able to add a “background” to my terrain (maybe there’s something else than SkyFactory)

Thank you