Silly question about eclipse

When I try to debug a game, once initialization has passed a certain point, my mouse will become trapped in the area where the game window should be.  The window is open in the background, and I can alt tab to it, but since I'm in debug mode it isn't really running so I can't close it with escape or anything like that. I can click in eclipse within the invisible box, but not outside of it.

I guess if I made it full screen I could click around, but does anybody know of a way to make it not trap the mouse in the first place?

Try looking at absolute mouse (might be relative - cant remember)

If your in windows you could try the windows key. That should give you the mouse back.

The absolute mouse will allow your cursor to freely move between the application and windows.

'Free' the mouse with MouseInput.get().setCursorVisible(true). But as adamgp probably wanted to say, this gives unexpected behavior for some apps using relative mouse…

Yes thats what I meant…  :smiley: Honestly.

I figured it out.  If I alt-tab a few times, curse a lot, and minimize/maximize everything a few times, I eventually get my mouse back. I haven't pinpointed exactly which of those things actually worked (my money is on the cursing though.)

Thanks for the tips!