Sim-Ethereal zone radius bug

I have found a bug with Sim-Ethereal while experimenting with the sim-eth-es example. When changing the zone_radius in the client gets incorrect position updates.

I stepped through the code and found the issue but it has already been fixed on master so maybe you could push a release?

While debugging i found another bug which only shows when using a zone_radius with different x and y extents:

This line should be corrected to:

return minZoneId + z * (xSize * ySize) + y * xSize + x;

If it’s not too much trouble can you either file an issue on github or submit a PR?

Else I will try to get to this soon.

You can get the latest using this gradle:

// And our base code for sim-etheral, SiO2, etc.
// (many of these need to be built locally and 'gradle install'ed as of this writing)
compile "com.simsilica:sio2:1.1.0"
compile "com.simsilica:sim-math:1.1.1"
compile 'com.github.Simsilica:SimEthereal:-SNAPSHOT' //There is an unreleased commit that we need

I had the same requirement as you it seems :slight_smile:

FYI: The snapshot requires the versions of sio2 and sim-math listed as well - hence why I included them.

Yes I’m using the same to get jme 3.2. But it’s slower on a gradle refresh and for some reason it doesn’t include the sources. But for now i’ll use that.

Submitted a pull request:


@pspeed Did you have time to look at it yet?

Not yet… sorry.

Life has me by the balls these days.