SimEthereal, BufferOverflowException


You can only upload releases to jcenter… not snapshots.

-SNAPSHOT forces gradle to recache the dependency even if it already has it… and is a clear indicator that there is no release for that code yet.

If you run gradle install then it will install it into your local repo and then when you build simethereal in a similar way then it will use it.




  1. Local clone of the SimMath + SimEthereal
  2. gradle install for each of them’
  3. Apply MavenLocal as repository to build

Something like that.




And add -SNAPSHOT (in build.gradle) to indicate to the build to use the snapshot release in the local repo ?

My dependency report now says:

 - com.simsilica:sim-ethereal [1.4.0 -> 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT]
 - com.simsilica:sim-math [1.3.0 -> 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT]

So I’ll switch to those for now :slight_smile:


You can also fetch last commit directly from jitpack with no need to clone and install it locally:

For example I am using this for zay-es :

dependencies {
compile 'com.github.jMonkeyEngine-Contributions.zay-es:zay-es-net:master-SNAPSHOT'

You should add this to repositories in build.gradle

repositories {
			maven { url '' }


I couldn’t get SimEthereal to work - and if you check the log on jitpack, there’s an error for master-SNAPSHOT :slight_smile: I’ll use what I got.


Not sure I should care or not… but what is the error?


This is the error in the log on Jitpack:

* What went wrong:
Could not resolve all files for configuration ':compileClasspath'.
> Could not find com.simsilica:sim-math:1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.
  Searched in the following locations:
    - file:/home/jitpack/.m2/repository/com/simsilica/sim-math/1.4.0-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml
    - file:/home/jitpack/.m2/repository/com/simsilica/sim-math/1.4.0-SNAPSHOT/sim-math-1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.pom
    - file:/home/jitpack/.m2/repository/com/simsilica/sim-math/1.4.0-SNAPSHOT/sim-math-1.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
  Required by:
      project :

When I tried (locally) to reference it using the jitpack reference, I got something similar (couldn’t find it). Not sure if I referenced it wrongly - I followed the instructions on


Not a real error per se… just that I don’t use jitpack snapshots in my builds (and don’t plan to). So the newer SimMath reference can’t be resolved in SimEthereal.