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It’s possible that the examples depended on snapshot versions… I’ll have to take a look. But Lemur 1.9.1 should be up on jcenter and the builds should have no problem downloading that if that’s what it’s referring to.

I’m on my way out the door so I can’t look right now.

Sorry … I was wrong. Your gradle build file worked just fine. My problem was I needed to put it in the sim-eth-es folder.

The build gave me a zip file with the jars in it. The jars don’t all have the names I expected … such as lemur-master-SNAPSHOT.jar. But it gives me a starting point.


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It’s all kind of unnecessary anyway… you can pretty much build sim-eth-basic or sim-eth-es now just by removing the -SNAPSHOT from the versions of the simsilica dependencies. Those have all been officially released now. I just haven’t gotten around to updating these projects yet.

pspeed thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry i haven’t replied in several days but…

I had no idea how to use gradle, after talking to wobblytrout , a streamer, he was able to walk me through what to do.

In order to get the gradle to build (building the sim-eth-es), I had to comment out a line from, :

Also had to comment out distributions line of the build.gradle:
//distributions {
// main {
// contents {
// from(serverStartScript) {
// into “bin”
// }
// }
// }

After doing the above it did load up and run as a standalone, and I was able to get it loaded up in JMonkey to try and play with the code. Although, I think i have bitten off more than I can chew… As a no0b coder this may be a bit over whelming, lol, but I did get it to work!

Thanks for your time!


How were you trying to run it? You shouldn’t have had to do any of that.

@pspeed, I was trying to get the source code into a Jmonkey project so I could mess around with it. I guess in order for me to do that, I had to run the build.gradle?

Once I removed those couple of lines, (I commented them out) the gradle build succeeded and the application ran. I was then able to put it into a new project. I tried just copying and pasting before the gradle build, but I was getting a ton of errors. Most of which were like null pointer errors, since I didn’t change package names etc… so like some of the imports weren’t able to be found.

Yeah, then that’s a ton of work. a) you have to run with JME 3.1 beta. b) you have to manually hunt down the dependencies and the dependencies of those dependencies. (You can see these from the command line if you run gradle dependencies in the checked out sim-eth project.)

Dependency management is much simpler in modern build tools like gradle versus the ‘manual hunt’ that’s required for the default SDK stuff.