SimEthereal Questions


Seems like maybe you left out the beginning of the log where all of the classes were registered.


Oops!! Sorry i forgot to set <Logger name="" level="TRACE"/>

I enabled trace and output is toooo huge to put here,
I searched for Quatd and it is already registered

13:22:00,360 INFO  [SerializerRegistrationsMessage] Registering:Registration[-83 = com.simsilica.mathd.Quatd, serializer=null]
13:22:00,362 DEBUG [Serializer] Registered class[-83]:class com.simsilica.mathd.Quatd
13:22:00,363 DEBUG [SerializerRegistrationsMessage]    result:SerializerRegistration[-83, class com.simsilica.mathd.Quatd,]

I did not find Vec3d in there. It is not registered for sure.
If you want i can also upload trace log to somewhere for downloading.


I can’t look at the code right now because I’m in the middle of a windows disk repair on that machine. So you will have to find where it’s missing.

Perhaps the older code didn’t use Vec3d.


Okay, I will take a look.


Is there someplace I can learn about the <Configuration> element for the xml file?

Cant seem to find the breakdown on the slf4j site for some reason.

There is some mentions of the <Configuration> element here,

but nothing explaining the content for this specific use you have.

Edit: This is log4j xml. Just figured it out after reading the gradle file on the simethereal site. My was from bootmonkey and built by hand afterwards so didnt see that.

In other words. Never Mind…


For posterity.


Added this fix to sim-eth-basic since it had the same problem.

See message,

PR is here.

Sim-eth-basic on android