SimEthereal ZoneManager warning

Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but I’m seeing a warning message from SimEthereal:

23:21:35,689 WARN [] How would this ever happen: id:151

The code is this:

But, as the log shows, the id is actually the same, maybe not the same object? should the equality be .equals() instead of != ?

Yeah, probably should be Objects.equals().

…my only guess (without looking) is that maybe one or the other used to be regular “long” and the autoboxing took care of it. Or everything used to share the same pointer and then some autoboing passthrough made one of them different.

Either way, the code is wrong. You can safely ignore the warning. (Out-dented code like that, by my convention, is code I intend to remove or redo in the future anyway.)

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