Simple 2d menu / HUD creator

I’ve been working on a simple Menu / HUD creator. I wanted to make an menu / HUD system that worked directly with JME’s 2d pipeline and doesn’t rely on outside dependencies. I made a tool for creating basic image / text based menus and HUDS. The tool creates basic buttons and HUD images.

I created a custom pipeline to load the menu/hud files into jmonkey and handle the mouse input. I included a sample project in the link below. The sample project shows you how to load a basic menu and handle some custom mouse input. I plan on making a video tutorial later explaining both the sample project and the menu editor but for now I included a link to a wiki with some basic instructions.

Menu Editor - download

Sample Jmonkey Project (zip file) - download

Basic instructions wiki. I’m going to make a video sometime soon.

Pony UI Editor / Wiki / Menu Editor

Menu editor and Jmonkey running side by side.


In case you decide that you don’t want to reinvent a whole scene picking library, Lemur’s modularity may help. I recently (as in five minutes ago) wrote up a section of docs on the mouse handling module that Lemur uses.

There is also a tutorial:


Updated **

Added custom event listeners for the menu interface. Now you can re-use the code in any project by copying the files in the sample project.

Restructured the sample project files to make them more organized. The variable names make more sense as to what they do.

Added more functionality to the sample project.

I reworked the sample project to run the menu loader from an appState. This way you can dynamically enable and disable the menu from your main application.

Cleaned up the code in the sample project. Removed unnecessary code pertaining to the listeners. Code should be easier to follow.