Simple collision problem if DynamicPhysicNodes of same type

Hi all,

I'm testing the really nice (0.4) physics implementation for jme and found a strange problem.

using two DynamicPhysicsNodes of different types:

dynamicNode.createCylinder( "one" )



all collisions between the two objects are detected.

using two DynamicPhysicsNodes of same type:

dynamicNode.createCylinder( "one" )


dynamicNode.createCylinder( "two" )

they don't collide  :?. the code base on the simple physics tutorials!

any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

The same type normally works - just cylinder-cylinder does not work in the ode implementation: ode feature list in their wiki. Sorry. But they plan to add it (discussed on the mailing list).

Btw. you are using jME Physics 2 beta (not 0.4). :slight_smile: - great you like it 8)

Thank you irrisor,

will wait for ode-update!

of course it's physics 2 beta since yesterday, not 0.4. my mistake  :D!!!