Simple glow effect

Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to apply a uniform glow around a model. I'd like it to cycle from normal to glowy red, then back to normal etc, the idea being it's going to alert the player that something is happening to that model. I'll be fine with the cyclic pulsating bit, but I just can't figure out how to get that initial glow applied.

The problem is I've no idea where to begin… I don't want to any part of the model to be brighter than any other part because that would look a bit unprofessional, so simply placing a pointlight over it isn't sufficient.

If anyone's got any ideas where I can start looking, that would be great!

I'm using Wings3d to create my models and saving them in .3ds format. Then I'm reading into JME through the MaxToJme converter. The result of that gives me a Node, so if needed I could iterate through its children accessing the Geometries there.


You can always go with a shader approach:

I have yet to use shaders with jmonkey…so this may be a difficult approach. There is a thread that does a non-shader code approach using render passes (search around), not sure if the author supplied any code though.

Found it, and I see code:

Oooh that looks promising. I'll look into those.

Thanks for the very fast reply!

Np, it's something that I'm interested in myself (though haven't had the time yet to explore it). That, and also another "glow effect" that, lets say you select something, either the object "highlights" totally, or you get a bright edge highlight.