Simple Mesh Tool

I want to create a few (10, maybe 20) simple Meshes and I feel like loading them with the assetManager in stead of entering their coordinates in code.

I don’t really want to invest time in Blender (im new to it) so I’m looking for a simple, fast tool to create my ready-to-load JME3 compatible meshes.

Any tips?

blender or 3dsmax, thtas it mostly, I also had some results in DeleD, however it is kinda limited (as well as most of the other tools) so I strongly suggest to choose one of the 3 -4 big ones that is capable of doing everything and has a stable ogrexml exporter and bite into the lemon.

You could also edit the ogrexml file directly if you know all points already and just don#t want them in the code. However it sounds very errorsome to me.


ok. And can I put my 20 shapes in Blender in the same scene (project) and export each to a different mesh file? (for ease of maintenance)

(I want only the meshes because i’ll add mats in the game)


Learning blender is hardly a waste of time IMO. You really should try it.


I’m with Nehon on this as well. Blender is way more intimidating than other programs due to it’s crazy interface, but in almost every case I’ve found it to be just as capable as the big boys (You know, those 3d programs that cost arms and legs). But in any case, you’ll be expanding your toolset by learning it because just about everything is compatible with it, which is GREAT.

Keep at it, you’ll surprise yourself with how fast you’ll learn the basics. Just keep google handy! ;p


Yeah I’m not disputing the value of knowing Blender, it’s just about priorities. I want to go ahead with making a full proof of concept before i get sidetracked again. Blender -is- on my todo list :slight_smile:

Also I have a Bamboo drawing tablet here that I never used. Is that of particular use with Blender (i.e. a reason to start using it)?

Yeah i know what you mean. Sidetracked is my middle name and …uh…what were we talking about already?