Simple Question (I hope)

Hey. Help for a newbie would be appreciated.

Just bumbling my way through the tutorials, and I'm getting confused by how rotation is set. Quaternions confuse me to no end (every time I try and look them up I get some crazy math). Is there a simple way of thinking about them, or is it possible to just leave them as a "black box" for now but still figure out how to point stuff where I want it? Any links to articles might help. Articles with pictures. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Even the .setFrame method of the camera has me a little confused. It takes four 3-Vectors as arguments. I understand the first one for location, that's just a point in space really. The next seems to be normalized or something (in the tutorial they are all between -1 and 1), and they're labeled left, up, and direction. So left rotates it around on the Y axis (looking left and right over the ground), up rotates it on the Z axis, (looking above or below the horizon), and direction rotates it on the X axis (tilting your head to the side, or doing a barrel roll). Am I right so far? How much is full then? Does 1=360 degrees?

Heh. I wrote a lot more about the vectors, but I'm pretty sure I can figure those out (I just might have, haven't tested), what really confuse me are the Quaternions.

left or up or directional vectors are "if you were the camera and were at 0,0,0, which way points left or up or forward"  You are right, they need to be normalized, which means they are 1 unit in length.

Quaternions are always a challenge at first.  You can use Euler angles or Matrices if those are easier and convert to Quaternions.